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Respected Hon’ble Member of Lok Sabha,
We, Bharatiya Anusuchit Jati Jamati Sangh (BAJJS), have divided the list of initiatives / programs for the upliftment of SC-STs into following two categories:
1. Provide reservation in recruitment and promotions upto highest Grade of:
A. Government entities even after their privatization.
B. An entity formed by Government body by itself or jointly with others.
C. Private entities doing business in sectors which were exclusively with Government before privatization
D. Private entities doing business in national resources allocated by the Governments
E. Entities outsourced by Government entities
F. Each level of judiciary system
2. Assess backlog in (1) above since privatization and fill it with time bound program
3. Review, reframe and implement all incomplete or ongoing welfare Schemes / Policies / Projects to make it easier for SC-STs to avail them, under the Guidelines to be framed as suggested in this representation below.
4. Frame administratively full-proof revised policy for outsourcing by Government entities, as per the Guidelines to be framed as suggested elsewhere in this letter.

1. Provision of SC - ST cell headed by an experienced Senior Police Officer with Degree in Law, in each Police Station
2. Roster system for appointment as Head of SC-ST Cell in Police Stations
3. Time-bound investigation by trained Senior Police Officer in crimes against SC-STs
4. Time bound investigation by experienced Senior CBI Officer in all cases of rape against SC-ST ladies
5. Fast track Courts to give time-bound justice in cases of atrocities / crimes against SC-STs
6. Amend Constitution to:
 Provide the Authority to review adverse Court Orders against SC-STs
 Refer to International Court of Justice, the Court cases which have adverse impact on SC-ST masses.
 Review of past Court Orders which adversely impacted larger interest of SC-STs, by International Court of Justice
7. Provide Roster System for allocating:
 Government agencies, distributorships, retail outlets (cooking gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene, agencies, etc.), contracts, surveyorships, etc.
 Natural resources like, spectrum, oil wells, mines, water, etc. to private parties
8. Break huge Government contracts into smaller sizes to suit SC-ST pockets
9. Minority Education Institutions to provide reservation to SC-STs in total seats
10. Get bill passed in both Houses to provide reservation in recruitment and promotions upto highest grades, in private sector

11. Approve Government scholarship/freeship at the stage of admission itself to ensure admission of SC-STs in any educational institution without any payments upfront.
12. Provide:
 Reservation in all affordable housing schemes
 Discount of minimum 50% to SC-STs in all affordable housing schemes.
 Approval of housing loan equivalent to entire cost of house
 Housing loan at concessional interest @4 per cent per annum
 Lock-in period of 15 years on sale of affordable schemes houses by SC-STs
 Punitive action against sale during lock-in by SC-ST seller and his accomplices
13. Frame and get approved, the following Regulations within three months and provide resources immediately to implement them within one month from the approval of those Regulations:
A “Model Guidelines for devising Schemes / Policies / Projects for SC-STs” with emphasis on timelines for each process / landmark / decision and for professional implementation.
B “Model Code of Punitive Actions” to punish those responsible for failure to implement Schemes / Policies / Projects for SC-STs or failure to implement them in time-bound and professional manner as well as to punish non-SC/STs benefiting by creating a front of SC-STs, by making those offences non-bailable.
C “Fast Track Inquiry Mechanism” against officers failing to implement Schemes / Policies / Projects for SC-STs.
D “Fast Track Courts” against officers failing to implement Schemes / Policies / Projects for SC-STs
E The Drafting Committee of the above (A to D) should be of 5 Members with Principal Secretary of Prime Minister’s Office as Chairman of the Committee, one SC Senior IAS officer, one ST Senior IAS officer, one representative nominated by one of the registered SC-ST Associations of PSUs or social institutions like ours and one Senior non-SC/ST IAS Officer.

F The Prime Minister’s Office should have SC-ST Cell headed by a Senior SC or ST IAS Officer for ensuring and monitoring all Government – Centre and State - initiatives for upliftment of SC-STs.
14. Make Prime Minister’s Office exclusively responsible / answerable for denying or delaying benefits of Schemes / Policies / Laws, as may be the case, devised for upliftment of SC-STs.
15. Form a “Government Directives Pre-Vetting Committee” consisting of at least 9 Members. The Committee should consist of Principal Secretary of Prime Minister’s Office as Chairman of the Committee, 2 Senior SC IAS officers, 1 Senior ST IAS officers, 2 Supreme Court Judges and the balance 3 other Senior NON-SC/ST IAS Officers. All Government – Central and State - Circulars framing Policies / Schemes / procedure / process / Projects for upliftment of SC-STs should be routed through the “Government Directives Pre-Vetting Committee” before finally issuing, to ensure that they are unambiguous, easy to comply, exhaustive, self-explanatory and gives no undue discretionary powers to those responsible to implement them, leaving no scope to abuse of power or excuses for non-implementing or delaying implementation.
16. Appoint a Senior, experienced IAS officer for monitoring / implementing a Scheme / Policy or group of allied Schemes / Policies in time-bound manner;
17. Get the permanent Schemes or Schemes under implementation for more than 2 years for the upliftment of SC-STs, ISO-certified.
18. Provide authority to Commissioner of SC-STs to create specialized Groups (e.g. for different industries like Mines, oil and gas, etc.) of SC-STs to identify benefits for SC-STs under different Acts, Statutes, Ordinances, Government Resolutions, Government entities’ Circulars, etc., closely monitor their implementation and send reports to PMO’s SC-ST Cell.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Bharatiya Anusuchit Jati Jamati Sangh (BAJJS)