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Off-page SEO is a set of different techniques and methods that you use at the backend of your website, in order to optimize it for search engines. As compared to the on-page SEO tactics that are applied on the front-end of the webpage (keyword density, title tags, etc.) off-page SEO specifically focuses on the backlinks that you get from different websites.

With the latest developments in search engine algorithms and ranking system, the importance of quality backlinks has increased significantly. Moreover, do remember that quality matters over quantity. A few quality backlinks are more valuable than a lot of low-quality backlinks.

Off Page (Off Site) Optimization

Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO

6 Proven Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks:

Following are the 6 best possible ways to get high-quality backlinks from your website. Always remember that the key is to diversify your backlink-sources from different websites. Try mixing all the methods and then use what works best for you.

1.    Social Media Websites:

Now-a-days, social media websites have a great impact on internet marketing and search engine optimization. You can easily promote your business through various social networking websites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube etc. are some of the most amazing social media websites that almost everybody uses for these purposes.

You just need to create a profile on these websites and start sharing your content to like-minded people and to your target audience. Each share is considered a vital backlink to your website. Moreover, search engines consider the social media shares as some of the most important backlinks.

2.     Forum Posting

Another great way of offsite SEO is forum posting. Create account on online forums and start posting your valuable comments in them.

The concept of creating backlinks via forum posts is to use the signature link. Every forum poster can customize its signature link, and you are recommended to use your website’s link in it. In this way, whenever you leave a comment there, you create a backlink to your website. Just make sure to post on forums that are directly related to your niche.

3.     Directory Submission

Article directory submission is another great and reliable way for off-site SEO. It is an effective technique tha most internet marketers, bloggers and website owners use. Many people consider it as an obsolete method, but it significantly depends on the directory you selected for submission.

Some effective directories are: DMOZ, Yahoo directory, ZoomInfo, OneMission, etc.

4.    Social Book Marking

Social bookmarking is another strategy that is very effective for off-page search engine optimization. There are various social bookmarking websites that you can use. These platforms not only provide valuable backlinks to your website, but they also bring lots and lots of targeted traffic.

By using these social bookmarking websites, you can also easily promote your business by creating more awareness and exposure. Some really effective social bookmarking websites are: Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reditt, etc.

5.     Web 2.O Posting

The concept of using Web 2.0 websites for creating backlinks is the same as directory submission.

Web 2.O is actually a list of sites and blogs, which have higher ranking on Google. That’s why people like to use them for getting backlinks.,,,,, etc. are some of my favorite web 2.O sites. Write and post articles on these websites with a backlink to your own.

6.    Photo Sharing

I know a lot of people are not well familiar with this technique of offsite SEO, but it a very effective one. Similar to posting articles on different websites, you can also share photos on different photo-sharing websites with a link back to your own website or blog.

Photos are more likely to go viral, which makes it all the more effective. Facebook, Picasa, Photo bucket & Instagram are some of the best platforms for this method.

7.     Video Promotion

It’s almost same like photo sharing. Through video promotion you may easily attract more traffic towards your business site. You just need to make videos and share them on video-sharing websites. Ideally, these videos should be directly related to your niche.

YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, etc. are some of the most popular video-sharing websites. Don’t forget to add a backlink to your website, because this is all it is about.

SEO Forum Postings

This is one of the best way of driving traffic to your website. Many people join the forums to discuss the doubts with other users and share the opinions on different topics.

By posting some good short articles in the forums or by guiding your website to the users helps in driving the traffic. In SEO Forums posting in next to Social Networking Websites. Social networking brings more traffic considering to others and the next follows the Forum Postings.

This not only brings traffic but sometimes gives Link juice which helps in better Page Rank. You will find both Nofollow and Dofollow forums in the internet.

You can post on new topic or reply to a asked question. Try to post good reply to the asked questions and Post Good content in the new topic. Many forums are strictly moderated by the owners to avoid spam.

First register with the forums and post some of the good new topic and good replies in the forums without adding any of the backlink to your website. Because when you first post the reply or message in the forums including the backlink in it. Forums consider such type of posts as spam. So they may ban your account and ip address for lifetime. So be careful while postings in the forums.

SEO Article Submission

Articles are a very common way of getting the traffic. Good articles are required to drive good traffic. A very Good knowledge is required to write a good article. Or we can hire a article writer to write a good article for us.

Many of the Internet users like to read the updated articles from the article sites to increase the knowledge or to learn the new things from the web. Articles are the major source of sharing the knowledge after the forums.

Does really articles increase the traffic and PageRank ?

The answer is yes. Articles Submission really helps us getting the traffic including the Pagerank. When the users read the article they like to visit the author's webpage for any more information related to the article. So in this way we can increase the traffic. And while writing the article we create links in the page which guide them to visit our website. If the link in the article is Dofollow surely we will get the backlink. So in SEO Article submission drives traffic and the Link Juice which helps in better pagerank.

Guidelines to do Article Submission in SEO

1.    Create a good article which could attract the users or hire a good article writer to write a good article for you.

2.    Don't forget to include your Home Page Link at the bottom of your article.

3.    Don't include more than 3 links in your article otherwise the article site would not accept your article to get published.

4.    Write a good Title for the article which helps in attracting the users.

5.    Almost all the article sites keep your article under review for atleast 3 days to15 days so be patient and don't start resubmitting your article

6.    Article sites ask for registration before submitting your article.

7.    Make sure that your articles are submitted in all the Dofollow Article sites.

8.    Good author information and summary is a positive feedback to your article.

Seo blog comments

Blog comments is one of the processes of building one-way links in SEO. This is the process of building backlink to your website.

We find different blogs on different topics on internet which gives the latest updates on their respective topics. Commenting on the content related blogs helps us in increasing the number of backlinks to our website. Page Rank depends on the number of quality backlinks. And similarly blog comments also drive traffic to our site.

Blog Comments (nofollow and dofollow)

In SEO blog commenting on good blogs brings good value to our site. Many of the blogs keep nofollow on the comment links. Google doesn't consider these types of links as a backlink to our site. Where as Yahoo considers this as a backlink to our site. And Yahoo partner sites like etc also considers nofollow backlinks. Text link Ads (An advertising company similar to Google Adsense) is a yahoo partnered advertising company. It uses yahoo backlinks in bringing the monetary value through ads.

Google Adsense follows the Google backlinks which doesn't bring much monetary value to the site. Since it doesn't considers the nofollow links.

Guidelines to follow while writing blog comments - SEO.

1.    Comment on the content related blogs : 

      Ex:let the topic of your webpage is "share market". Then comment on the blogs which are on the same topic. 

2.    Don't use anchor link in the comment box like <a href=""> backlink </a>. Because many site use spam filters like spam karma which considers these types of links in the comments as spam. Post your website URL in the URL box only. 

3.    Try to post in the blogs which carry at least the page rank 1. 

4.    Write the good comments related to the post Otherwise the moderator may not approve your comment 

5.    Try to post on the dofollow blogs. They help in increase in your page rank by giving a valuable backlink. (Google considers only dofollow links). 

6.    Giving complements before starting the comment is the good way of responding to the post but avoid praising them. 

7.    Writing the good comments makes blog users to check back to your site. This helps in driving traffic to your site. 

8.    Don't think that commenting on the nofollow blogs is useless because the Yahoo considers the links in the nofollow blogs as a backlink. This helps your site to get quickly optimized in yahoo search engine.

SEO - Directory Submissions

What is a Directory ?

A Directory is a Internet Tool which stores, organizes and provides access to information.

Simply we can say that a Directory is a website which stores the links of websites with desciption in a order on the basis of categories. They helps the users in finding the new websites in an order on category basis.

In SEO Directory submission is one of the good ways of building one way Backlinks. Many of these links are dofollow. So they helps in Increasing our websites page rank by giving link juice. Behind the Backlinks it also helps in driving traffic to our websites.

Generally most users use directories to find new websites. Submitting our website to the directories makes the users to find our website easily.

Open Directory Project(ODP)

Open Directory Project is a directory which in indexing all the good websites in its databases. This is an Open source project. Submissions of websites in Open Directoy is free. But it takes a lot of time to get indexed Since It is collecting all the website in the world in its database. 
Do you want to know more about OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT ?

Many of the other top directories are utilizing the service of Open Directory Project in indexing the website in their directory sites. So it is a very necessary to submit your website to Open Directory Project

Submit you site to Open Directory here..!

Besides this Open directory there are many other directories which indexes the website directly with out using ODP. Goolge utilizes the ODP in indexing the good website in google's database.

There are more than 2000 directory which stands independently. They directly takes the request from the users indexing the new websites. Submit you website in all those directories.

They offer free and paid services for directory submission. I had listed a list of directories which offers free submission. In SEO Directory Submission Plays a major role in optimizing our websites.

Guidelines for SEO Directory submission

1.    Submit you website in the related category. Otherwise the moderator may not approve your website.

2.    Try to avoid reciprocal linking. reciprocal linking creates a outbound links from our site which is not good for our website.

3.    While filling the directory submission form make sure that the title, keywords and Description of your home page are included. Use it from your website's home page rather than creating a new attractive title and description.

4.    Donot forget to submit your site in the Open Directory Project(ODP)

5.    Generally Directories takes atleast 10days to 3 months time to index your website. So be patient.

6.    Repeatedly submission your website in the same directory harms your site. And the moderator doesn't include your website forever by considering your website as spam.