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What is Google Penguin
Another algorithm update from Google that gave SEO experts another blow was Penguin that was launched in April 2012. The idea underlying the update was simple enough- penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the by the search engine.
This included lowering the search engine rankings of all those sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking to name a few.
The Idea of Google Penguin : Bring down websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use  black-hat SEO techniques
Google Penguin launched in April 2012.
Google Penguin also known as Over Optimization Penalty.
Purpose of Google penguin : Bring the high quality and content sites on the top of search engine rankings
Black hat SEO techniques need to be abolished because Penguin is smart enough to deal with all websites indulging in these practices.
Avoid excessive link building, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, and meaningless and irrelevant content.
Creating content for other blogs and websites and socializing content.
Relevant use of keywords and absolute refrain from all kinds of stuffing.
Google released tool to recover : Google introduced A new tool called “disavow links tool”.
Recovery Choice for websites : Check for the links to find if there are from the same domain name or IP address, so that links don’t look like purchased. The links should not just be direct links to the website, because websites that have followed such polices have seen dip in the rankings.
Disavow tool can be helpful in getting rid of too many links that are just associated with the keywords.
Penguin genuinely focuses on penalizing unnatural links that are causing changes in the search results intentionally.
How do The Google Penguin affect a site : Penguin generally affects one part of the website on a page and keyword level.
Unless spammed for too much keyword usage on the entire, Penguin doesn’t damage the entire site.




Google Penguin